Is your website ready for a Mobile World? Our client’s websites are!

Posted on May 18, 2014 · Posted in Insight, News, Services

Is your website mobile friendly? It should be…

Mobile technology accounts for nearly half of all website page-views currently and there are an astounding number of websites out there that are not ready.  Simply saying, “oh it looks OK on a mobile device” is not going to cut it much longer.

Consumers and website users have a shrinking attention span and less and less available time to find the information they are after.  Fast internet, fast mobile devices, fast lifestyle.  If your website is not fast and not ready for this type of website user, you will not keep the attention of your potential customers for vary long.

Mobile Websites

Mobile websites have been around for some time now, but are not a great solution.  They attempt to detect which device the website user is viewing your website with and display a specifically designed mobile copy of your website to fit the needs of the viewer.  The problem with this setup is that there are an infinitely expanding number of mobile devices and screen sizes and this make scalability and maintenance difficult.  You have to have multiple copies of design files and website data and ultimately this type of system is a nightmare to manage.  At Gradient Graphics, we never really liked this approach and have opted to take a different path; Mobile Responsive Design.

Mobile Responsive Website Design

Gradient Graphics began using Mobile Responsive Website Design early on in the trend and have stuck with it as our preferred method of handling mobile website visitors.  In a nutshell, Mobile Responsive Website Design is setting specific styles for different device screen sizes, so as the screen size of the device changes from a desktop to a table to a smart phone, the website changes with it.  The content, images and data are all the same, they just appear differently on different devices.  This makes maintaining your website easy as you only have to maintain one set of website content and images and the website’s code and style sheets handle changing the website layout to account for different device sizes.


This approach simplifies your job when managing your websites and ensures your website visitors have the best experience possible when visiting your website from one of many different device sizes.  Gradient Graphics has helped many of our Fort Wayne clients with Responsive Business Websites and we can help you too!

Responsive Website Samples

Here are a few recent websites that we have developed for Fort Wayne area businesses that are mobile responsive.  Please visit them from your smartphone and desktop to see how the content changes.  If you are using a modern website browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (both are highly recommended by Gradient Graphics for the best website viewing experience), so you can simply re-size the width of your browser window to watch the website change!

If you are interested in making the most of your business website, contact Gradient Graphics today for a FREE No-Obligation quote or assessment of your business website needs!